Refrigerated Air Conditioning Melbourne

Ducted Refrigerated Heating and Cooling works in a similar way to split systems. For cooling, warm air inside the house is passed over an indoor coil. Heat is absorbed from the air by refrigerant contained inside the coil and transferred to the outdoor unit where it is expelled. This results in cooled air which is transported along ducts to different areas of the home.

For heating, compressor rotation is reversed and heat is taken from outside. This heat is used to warm the air inside the house. The heated air is then distributed to the different parts of the house via ducts.

Ducted Refrigerated systems have affordable running costs and advanced inverter technologies which increase the system’s efficiency. This system also offers dehumidification, as air passes over the cold internal coil, moisture in the air condenses and is drained away.

The best & most efficient recognised refrigerated air conditioning brands include:

  • Daikin
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • Panasonic

Refrigerated Cooling and Heating units are able to operate from as little as 24 cents per hour and are distributed through grilles in the floor or ceiling.