Gas Ducted Heating Melbourne

One of the most energy efficient and instant forms of whole home heating in Melbourne is through gas ducted heating.

A fan is used to pass air along ducts to a natural gas or LPG heat exchanger where the air is heated.

The heated air is then circulated around the home through ducts. The ducts are installed either in the roof space (usually in houses built on concrete slabs) or under the floor (usually in houses with low roof lines).

The heated air is directed out of the ducts by grilles. These grilles are strategically placed along the perimeter of the house to ensure maximum heat distribution.

Gas Ducted Heating is very efficient as thermostat controls turn off the heat exchanger once the desired temperature is reached. In addition, fan speeds are slowed down so that heated air remains in the house. The high efficiency of the system means low operating costs. Using gas to run the heat exchanger as opposed to electricity is more friendly to the environment.

Ducted heating allows for zone control, meaning rooms can be temperature controlled independently from one another, so when a room is not being utilised, heating can be turned off and this translates to savings on your bills.

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Common brands include:

  • Brivis Gas Ducted Heating
  • Braemar Gas Ducted Heating
  • Bonaire Gas Ducted Heating

Currently Braemar manufactures the world's most efficient gas ducted heater, the 7 star! The Braemar 7 Star gas ducted heater has the lowest running costs in its class and in Australia (saving you hundreds of dollars over lower star rating systems) and is currently the only gas ducted heater to have an inverter motor.

Different brands and models differ in energy efficiency, this relates to the amount of gas it consumes or in other words, your running costs. Get 3 quotes using the form on the right to compare efficiency of different products.